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Desert Wolf Handyman Services Showinng Up for a Painting Job


Welcome to Desert Wolf Handyman Services

We are your trusted partner for exterior and exterior home painting, small carpentry projects, and home maintenance needs in Salt Lake, Utah, and Summit counties. Fully licensed and insured, we are committed to delivering professional, high-quality services with a touch of personality. Our mission is to make your home improvement experience engaging, enjoyable, and stress-free.

Desert Wolf Handyman Services A home that needs service


Exterior and Interior Painting

We specialize in transforming both the interior and exterior of your home with a fresh coat of paint. According to the National Association of Realtors, painting is the single most valuable improvement you can make to your home. Our skilled team is committed to delivering high-quality painting for your doors, trim, walls, ceilings, and whatever else needs a fresh couple of coats. Trust us to bring your vision to life and add lasting value to your home with our expert painting solutions.

Desert Wolf Handyman Services House Painting Exterior.jpeg

Exterior Painting

The exterior of your home faces the constant onslaught of weather, UV rays, and wear and tear, making it susceptible to damage over time. Investing in a fresh coat of paint for your home's exterior is the most impactful improvement you can make to enhance curb appeal, providing not only a protective shield but also an instant aesthetic uplift that leaves a lasting positive impression on visitors and potential buyers alike.

Desert Wolf Utah Interior painting kitchen.jpeg

Interior Painting

Interior painting is the ultimate catalyst for transforming the mood and ambiance of any room. With a simple change of color, you can modernize your home, infuse personality, and create a space that reflects your style. Beyond aesthetics, interior painting offers a cost-effective way to refresh and protect surfaces, making it a versatile and rewarding investment for any homeowner.

Interior door painting Dersert Wolf Utah.jpeg

Painting Doors and Trim

Painting doors and trim is a subtle yet impactful way to elevate the overall aesthetic of your space. It adds a finishing touch that enhances the architectural details, providing a crisp and cohesive look to any room. This cost-effective upgrade not only revitalizes the appearance of your doors and trim but also contributes to the overall polish and charm of your home.


Other Painting Services

Painting is a lot more than adding a splash of color to walls, trim, and doors. Here are some other services that we can offer to enhance, protect, and beautify your home.

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Deck Painting Desert Wolf Handyman Services.jpeg
Desert Wolf Utah Garage Floor Epoxy.jpeg

Cabinet Painting

Opting to paint your home cabinets rather than replacing them is a cost-effective and transformative choice that can significantly enhance the overall aesthetic of your space. Cabinet painting allows you to achieve a fresh, modern look without the expense and inconvenience of a full cabinet replacement. With a myriad of color options and finishes, you can customize the appearance to suit your style, breathing new life into your kitchen or bathroom and creating a visually appealing focal point that revitalizes the entire home.

Deck Refinishing and Painting

Deck painting and refinishing are essential steps in preserving and enhancing the beauty of your outdoor space. By applying a fresh coat of paint or stain, you not only add aesthetic appeal but also protect the deck from the harsh elements, preventing deterioration and extending its lifespan. This not only adds life to your deck but also contributes to the overall charm of your home, creating an inviting outdoor retreat for relaxation and entertainment. A well-maintained deck not only enhances the curb appeal but also serves as a functional and visually pleasing extension of your living space.

Garage Floor Painting

Painting your garage floor makes a big improvement over  Proper preparation, including thorough cleaning and possible etching of the concrete, is crucial for ensuring the paint adheres effectively. Epoxy-based paints are commonly used for garage floors due to their resilience against chemicals, stains, and abrasion. Beyond the cosmetic appeal, a painted garage floor is easier to clean, resists oil and chemical stains, and contributes to a brighter and more inviting atmosphere in your garage.


General Carpentry and Repairs

A handyman can help with all kinds of home repair. Not seeing a service you need below? Reach out and let us see how we can help you. 

Trim and Wall paint Desert Wolf Utah.jpeg
Drywall and home repairs Desert Wolf Uta
Desert Wolf Handyman Service Furniture Assembly

Install and Repair Trim and Doors

Our door and trim installation and repair services prioritize meticulous attention to detail and expert craftsmanship. We understand that doors and trim are not just functional elements but integral components of your home's aesthetic. Our skilled team ensures precise measurements, seamless installations, and meticulous repairs, paying careful attention to every detail. 

General Home Repairs

We specialize in comprehensive home repair services, offering solutions for a myriad of household issues. From addressing minor fixes, to tackling larger maintenance projects such as drywall repairs, our skilled team is dedicated to ensuring the seamless functionality and longevity of your home. With a commitment to timely and reliable solutions, we aim to be your go-to source for all your general home repair needs. Let us take the worry out of maintaining your home, providing you with peace of mind and a well-functioning living space.

Furniture Assembly and Installation

Ease the stress of furniture installation with our professional services. Securely fastening your furniture to the wall and handling all the intricate details, we take the burden off your shoulders. Say goodbye to frustrating instructions and fumbling with tiny screws – sit back, relax, and trust us to expertly assemble and install your furniture, ensuring both functionality and safety in your home.



Meet Paul Wolford, the owner of Desert Wolf Handyman Services. With a strong background in construction and a wealth of experience, Paul brings expertise and creativity to every project.

Paul co-founded Streamline Building Systems in Las Vegas, NV in 2013, specializing in structural insulated wall panels and managing construction projects for the US Air Force in California. He has also tackled various endeavors, including remodeling homes, house flips, building tiny houses, sheds, decks, and more.


Choose Desert Wolf Handyman Services and experience the difference that comes with Paul's expertise, commitment to craftsmanship, and personalized service. Contact us today to bring your home improvement dreams to life.

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We have partnered with TImeless Homes & Development Inc. They have 20+ years of experience with large-scale remodels (kitchens, basements, bathrooms), new home builds, and complete development projects. Timeless Homes & Development is dedicated to detailed planning and exceptional quality in each project they take on. 

Timeless Homes and Development for Large scale home builds and remodels
Flood Mitigation Draper Sandy.jpeg

Flood Repairs and Mitigation

This year, we have had unprecedented rain storms leading to massive flooding and damage to homes, especially basements. Through our partner, Timeless Homes we are now offering flood mitigation and remodels for damaged homes focusing on Draper and Sandy, UT. If you are in need of a quote or consultation, reach out today!



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